General FAQ's about the Smiles Card

1. What is the Sharjah Islamic Bank Smiles Card?
Smiles Card is Sharia compliant covered card with amazing rewards program.
2. How can I obtain a Smiles Card?
Approach any branch of Sharjah Islamic Bank with required documents or contact our 24/7 call center to apply for Smiles Card.
3. How is it different from other regular personal credit cards?
Smiles card is Islamic Sharia compliant covered card.
4. How many card types are available?
There are 3 types of cards available, namely Titanium, World and World Priority.
5. Is it mandatory to open an account with SIB to apply for the Smiles Card?
No, you may apply for card without opening a transactional account with SIB.
6. Who can apply for the SIB Smiles Card?
Anybody drawing a salary of AED 6,000 or above and meets the other eligibility criteria for Smile Covered Card.
7. What is the process for activating my Smiles Credit Card?
You can activate the Smile Credit Card is through 24/7 Call Center.
8. How long is the Smiles card valid for?
Smile card is valid for one year from the date of issue.
9. Can I convert my SIB Visa Islamic credit card into Smiles Card?
Yes, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.
10. What are the limits on the SIB Smiles Card?
Limits are decided on your monthly salary and other equated installments.
11. How can I upgrade my credit limit on the Smiles Card?
Subject to your increase of salary or reduction of EMI you may approach the bank for upgrade in credit limit.
12. How can I know my balance in my Smiles Card?
You may contact our 24/7 call center for any information pertaining to your Smile card.
13. Where can I find the fees and charges for the SIB Smiles Card?
All new Smile card customers are provided with fees and charges schedule, in addition you can always access SIB web site for any updates.
14. Where can I use my SIB Covered Card?
POS machines and ATMs accepting MasterCard.
15. How long does it take to get a decision on my application?
2 working days subject to all documentations in order.
16. What if I cannot make the monthly minimum payment on the card?
A late payment fee of AED 225 will be charged to your card.
17. How is the SIB Smiles Card protected against fraudulent use?
Embedded microchip and PIN virtually makes it impossible to use your smile card frequently.
18. Who do I contact if I have a question regarding the SIB Smiles Card?
Our 24/7 contact center may be contacted for all your queries related to SIB Smiles Card.
19. How can I know all the benefits of my Smiles card?
Refer to our website
20. Why do you need my personal information for my credit card application?
The information is required to meet Central Bank requirements
21. Will my application be declined if I don't use a physical address?
The physical address is required to verify and validate your status.
22. Do I need to complete all the information on my credit card application?
Yes, it is very important to all the information requested by bank.
23. Can I apply for a credit card with a co-applicant?
No, however you can request up to 4 for supplementary card for your first blood relations.
24. Do you share the contact information on my credit card application with other companies?
No, all details are strictly private and confidential as per SIB policy and not shared with any other entity.
25. What will my rate be?
Smile covered credit card profit rate is 2.49% per month.
26. Can I allow someone else to charge to my credit card account?
Yes you can.
27. Can I manage my credit card account online?
Yes, if you maintain a transactional account with SIB.
28. How do you apply my payments?
All payments received via different channels available are applied on the same working day.
29. How do I transfer a balance?
You may apply for one off or standing order instructions through any of our branches.
30. What types of balances can I transfer?
Any subject to availability of credit limit.
31. What information will I need to transfer a balance?
Availability of amount intended for transfer, Beneficiary details i.e. IBAN, Bank, Branch name, Country (if outside UAE).
32. How long does it take for a transferred balance to post to the account I have with the other creditor?
One working day.
33. If my card is lost or stolen, how can I make sure that I don?t get stuck with fraudulent purchases on my bill?
Immediately contact our 24/7 call center on 0097165999999 and report loss to prevent any miss use.
34. What is a chip card?
The chip encrypts information to increase data security when making transactions at a chip-enabled terminal.
35. Who do I contact about traveling out of the country?
For your convenience it is highly recommended that you inform our call center about your traveling plan to continue offering you our best services.
36. What is a Finance Charge and how is it computed?
Finance charge is monthly utilization charge at the rate of 2.49%.
37. How do I know how much I have to pay?
The amount due for payment is reflected in your Credit Card Statement as Total Payment Due. However, you can choose to pay just the Minimum Payment Due
38. What is the Minimum Payment Due?
You can choose to pay minimum 5% or AED 100, whichever is higher, of your total monthly billing.
39. How much of my credit limit can I use for Cash Advance transactions?
Up to 80% of your total credit limit may be used as Cash Advance.
40. What is my Credit Card Statement date?
Monthly statement date is 28th of every month.
41. How many supplementary cards can I have?
Maximum of 4 supplementary cards
42. What if my card account balance exceeds my assigned credit limit?
There are no over limit charges on Smile Credit Card.
43. Where can I pay my credit card bills?
You can pay through EDMs, over the counter at SIB branches, internet banking, Al Ansari Exchange and through other banks.