Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ's About SIB Smiles Portal

A1. The Smiles Covered Card is Shariah compliant card that offers an exclusive rewards program with a host of travel, leisure and entertainment benefits.

  • Visit any SIB branch with the required documents
  • Through our 24/7 Call Centre 06-5999999
  • Through
  • SMS "Smiles" to 6667

A3. Smiles card is one of the Islamic Shariah compliant covered cards available in the market. With the unique Smiles rewards program, customers can earn "Smiles" points and redeem them in a variety of ways, from airline tickets and hotel stays to electronics and gift vouchers.

A4. There are 3 types available, Titanium, World and World Priority.

A5. No, you may apply for card without opening an account with SIB.

A6. Anybody drawing a salary of AED 6,000 or above and meets the other eligibility criteria for Smiles Covered Card.

A7. You can activate your Smiles Credit Card through:

A8. Smiles card is valid for 10 years from the date of issuance as per the Murabaha agreement signed with the bank.

A9. Yes, provided you meet the eligibility criteria and terms & conditions.

A10. Limits are decided based on your monthly salary and other equated installments.

A11. Subject to a salary increase or reduction of EMI, you may approach the bank for upgrade in credit limit.

A12. You may contact our 24/7 Call Centre, use our Online and Mobile Banking services or ATM machines for any information pertaining to your Smiles card.

A13. All Smiles cardholders receive the schedule of charges once the card is delivered; additionally, all fees and charges are available through

A14. The Smiles Card is accepted at all outlets, POS machines, ATMs and online shops that accept Mastercard cards.

A15. After submitting all required documentation, SIB will revert within 3 working days.

A16. A late payment fee of AED 225 + VAT will be charged to your card.

A17. The embedded microchip and PIN protect your card from fraudulent attempts, which is why SIB strongly recommends keeping all banking information confidential at all times.

A18. Our Call Centre is available 24/7 to assist all your queries.

A20. As mandated by the Central Bank of the UAE, the listed personal information are required to complete your Smiles Card application request.

A21. The physical address is required to verify and validate your status.

A22. Yes, it is very important to fill in all the information requested by bank.

A23. No, however you can request up to 4 for supplementary cards for your mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, son, or daughter.

A24. No, all details remain strictly private and confidential as per SIB policy and not shared with any other entity.

A25. Smiles covered credit card profit rate is 2.49% per month.

A26. Yes, but only if you have a transactional account with SIB.

A27. All payments received via different channels available are applied on the same working day.

A28. To report a card loss, contact our 24/7 Call Centre immediately on 065999999 to prevent any miss use.

A29. The chip encrypts information to increase data security when making transactions at a chip-enabled terminal.

A30. For your convenience, it is highly recommended that you inform our Call Centre about your travel plans to avoid any service blockage or interruption.

A31. Finance charge is monthly utilization charge at the rate of 2.49%.

A32. The amount due for payment is reflected in your Credit Card Statement as Total Payment Due. However, you can choose to pay just the Minimum Payment Due

A33. You can choose to pay minimum 5% or AED 100, whichever is higher, of your total monthly billing.

A34. Up to 80% of your total credit limit may be used as Cash

A35. Monthly statement date is 28th of every month.

A36. You can apply for a maximum of 4 supplementary cards

A37. There are no over limit charges on Smiles Credit Card.

A38. There are multiple channels that you can use for credit card bill payments:

  • ATMs
  • Branches
  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Al Ansari Exchange outlets
  • Direct payment instruction from any account within the bank.

A39. Yes, Smiles will have a validity period of 36 months from transaction date. You can also find the next 6 months Smiles expiry on the portal.